Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sailing Podcasts

Brenda and I look for sailing related content in books, websites, blogs, DVD's, online videos, Strictly Sail shows, seminars, social forums, get the idea. One of the latest sources we found is sailing podcasts. One of the forums we participate in mentioned a new podcast called "Sail Loot", which discusses funding your sailing kitty. Since our kitty seems to be shrinking as the listing price on our home keeps sliding down, we thought this was an appropriate podcast for us. I guess we'll add this channel to our list.

Finding that new source of information reminded us that we need to set up a page here that lists some of our favorite sailing related sources. We'll work on that page and let you know when it is posted.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Go Pro Hero4 Camera

We have wanted a Go Pro camera for a couple of years now. We love the pictures and videos that people post on YouTube using this camera. The price tag has always kept the Go Pro on our wish list instead of on our boat.

Monday morning I received a $100 prepaid Visa card at work as congratulations for an award I had won. Then when I checked my emails at home there was a notice that I had won a drawing on a sailing forum for a $250 credit at Hopkins-Carter marine supply. Hey, this is turning into a pretty good day. Hopkins-Carter just happens to carry the Go Pro line and this was the perfect opportunity to buy one. We chose the Go Pro Hero4 Silver edition camera package. So, for $50 out of our pocket we got the newly released version of this great camera.

We can't wait to give it a try.