Modifying a flat blade rudder to a NACA foil.

Shaped a hardwood (maple) leading edge for impact protection.

Attached pink foam to both sides with foam adhesive.  I rough shaped the foam to match the cut-out of the NACA-0014 profile.   There are numerous sites to generate these shapes available on the web such as  I found that a Stanley Shur-Form and those spongy drywall sanding blocks work perfectly to quickly shape the foam.

I mixed up some West System epoxy with filler to a peanut butter consistency to fair in the ends and edges.

Make sure to use an epoxy resin instead of the polyester resin as the poly will eat the pink foam. 
West System 2 part epoxy (105 Resin, 206 Slow Hardener, 410 Filler) 

Bottom edge all shaped up.

 Layed on one layer of fiberglass mat and several layers of epoxy.  A little patience and effort will result in a nice looking finish.

The finished product mounted on Puppy Luff - Com-Pac 16

For a bit more discussion you can check out the Com-Pac Yacht Owners Association forum thread

Building a Portuguese Dinghy

Lil Miss B

While reading some posts on the forum, I came across a discussion of dinghies which at the time was something I needed to invest in.  We love sailing on Lake Mendota (Madison, WI), but it has very few public piers to tie up to for those quick trips ashore.  So purchasing a dinghy was in our near future.  

One of the site moderators had posted this link  for free small boat and dinghy plans which was just fascinating to me.  I love to build anything and everything, so I was hooked right away.  I selected the Portuguese Dinghy plans and started building it soon after.  For some detail on the construction and use of Lil Miss B, follow this link.

Quick homemade oars

We have used Lil Miss B numerous times and it has performed perfectly.  It is only 65 lbs., tows very easily, low maintenance, easily rowed and can even support a little outboard if you wish.  Personally I enjoy rowing her and not having to deal with an outboard, but for some applications I can see where it would be handy to power her up.

Nice to just row up to a beach

Tows like a champ