Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Whirlwind Trip Back To Wisconsin

Wedding Venue at Rehearsal

We flew north to Wisconsin to attend our youngest son's wedding in Door County. We decided to make it a fairly long trip to make sure we had time to visit friends and family. The time has flown by as we fished, golfed, hiked, danced, played games, boated, and ate. Oh boy did we eat!

Karen, Kelley and Mom
Libby sharing the back seat with Mike
Mike carved the wedding toppers.

The wedding was amazing with great friends and family to share it with. We think Matt and Kelley got exactly the wedding they were dreaming about. Informal, untraditional and plenty of fun for people of all ages. We love our new daughter (daughter-in-law just doesn't sound right) and we couldn't be happier for Matt. Thank you to all our wonderful friends who pitched in and helped us make the entire event so perfect.

Jim, John, Mike and Matt sharing a Drambuie.

It has been awesome getting back together with our Wisconsin friends and feeling like nothing has changed. They are still the same old goofy bunch of characters that we fit in with so well. We have loved getting to spend time with each and every one of you.

Mike and Mario fishing at Domask's Cabin
Mario and Phil
Mike, Phil, Mario

We hope to visit a few more much missed friends during our trip back to Punta Gorda in the next few days. Wrinkles must be missing us as well. We are ready to be back "home".


Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Happy Day

My youngest son Matt will be marrying Kelley in Door County, Wisconsin in just a few hours. I truly couldn't be happier with Matt's choice of brides. Kelley is sweet, bubbly, energetic and adorable. I am so excited that she will soon be my second daughter.

I am very proud of the successful young man that Matt has become. I take great pride every time someone tells me he is "just plain a nice person." I don't think there is a higher compliment some one can pay a person. I love you son and wish you and Kelley all the happiness and love that Brenda and I have shared in our marriage.