Mike's Carvings

Mike decided that he wanted to carve a mermaid figurehead for Wrinkles. Since he didn't know how to carve he figured he better start learning before tackling a large project like a figurehead mermaid. After watching about half of a YouTube "How-To" video he started carving. We have set up an etsy shop for some of Mike's carvings and other projects. You can view them Here or by clicking on the Wrinkles Craft Shop page from our home page.

Here are some of his practice pieces;


Dockyard Tough Guy


Mike's first four carvings
A practice mermaid face.
Female lips.
Cheesehead Santa for Mario.
Pelican for Brenda and "Lance the Fisherman"
Our friend Lance.
Impish Tree Spirit. One of Mike's favorites.
Old Salt.
He lives in New Jersey with Bob now.
50’s Dock Yard Tough Guy for John & Nancy in Carrabelle
A five minute owl in driftwood.
Woody the Drifter as named by friends Don & Gail
Driftwood dolphin.
Little Wrinkles sailboats for Lee & Eileen / James & Stacey
The Artist
Christmas Ornament Sailor
Sea Cap'n
Chubby British Guy
Scuba Man Peter
Jim and Joni's Driftwood Dolphin







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  1. Mike, you are a man of many talents and you have mastered them all! Add Brenda's sewing and writing skills, and the two of you could sail anywhere in the world and make a living.