Saturday, June 27, 2015

BVI 2015 Trip

We are currently sailing in the British Virgin Islands on a chartered Beneteau 43-3. We can't wait to do a show and tell for you.

15 days down and 5 left to go. We'll miss the beauty of these islands.



Sunday, June 7, 2015

Soaking Up Family and Friend Time

Tina, Matt, Kelley, Brenda in Hudson, WI


Brenda and I recently visited our son John and his girlfriend Brittnie as well as our 101 year old Aunt Lu in Ohio. We have seen our life long friends Jim and Joni several times in the past few days. We spent an evening with our Marshall friends Mario and Lori along with my co-worker Lance and his wife Jo Ellen. This weekend we are visiting our daughter Tina and her husband Tony in Woodbury, Minnesota. Our youngest son Matt and his girlfriend Kelley have accompanied us on our trips.

You could say we are just soaking up all the time we can with the people we love before we head off on our adventure. Having family spread across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Arkansas and Alabama makes it hard to see everyone as much as we would like. Brenda's sister Karen and her husband Peter spend nearly half their time in Orange Beach, AL which will make it easier to spend time with them. Lance and Jo Ellen are already scheduled for a week long vacation in Orange Beach during a time when we will be there. Jim and Joni spend their winters in the Punta Gorda area which will make a long fun visit with them perfect for our cruising plans. They might even drive down mid-August to join us in splashing Wrinkles for the first time. It is also nice to know that this year the kids and my mother, Dee, will be joining us at the condos for a week or so at Christmas time.

So for now we are soaking it up, but it looks like we will still be able to spend time with all the people mean so much to us.