Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lights on the Lake

We were feeling water withdrawal. It had been two weeks since we had sailed when we got a text from our sailing buddies checking to see if we were available to watch the Lights on the Lake with them on their Hunter 235 sailboat. Mike had attended a funeral earlier in the afternoon while Brenda was delivering our son to another year of college. We rendezvoused at the house around 6 o'clock and headed to the lake. Lights on the Lake is a parade of boats all dressed up in lights so they would look like floats. The boats "paraded" along the shore of Lake Mendota to the applause and cheers of people gathered on land and those of us lucky enough to be on the water.

The marching band alumni were treating everyone to their favorite Wisconsin Badger songs while other floats had dance music playing to make it a festive atmosphere. After the parade we were even treated to a nice fireworks show.

Sometimes being on someone else's sailboat can be fun too!

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