Monday, November 5, 2012

Empty Boat

Now we are really, really done sailing for the year. We spent some time Sunday after the Packer's game off-loading all the stuff we had on Wrinkles. My did we ever manage to float. When we loaded in the Spring, we weren't sure what all we would we made sure we had everything on board that we might possibly need. Do you really need 3 cans of three bean salad to make it through the weekend? Well, we "needed" much less than we thought. Kind of like life in general. We can get along with so much less than what we think we have to have.

Just like our house, we are busy paring down the accumulation of all the, "We'll need that someday!" stuff. How we managed to load up poor Wrinkles so quickly is a mystery. Do you think Mike really needed 5 pairs of reading glasses? How about those 6 Tupperware storage containers that fit perfectly in the port berth wall storage with absolutely nothing in them? Well, you get the picture. We need to do a better job next season of only putting things aboard that we will actually use... although we do really like that three bean salad.

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