Sunday, June 23, 2013

OK Rain - You Win, Part 1

This spring and summer in Wisconsin has just made it miserable to get in any sailing time. B and I have sailed wearing multiple coats to ward off the cold and rain gear to keep somewhat dry. We're not fair weather sailors, but this weather pattern is getting on our nerves.

The forecast for this weekend was hot (90 degrees F.) with some rain and at least one to two thunder showers per day. Well in spite of another lousy forecast we are once again on the lake. We rigged Wrinkles in hot muggy air then motored (not a hint of the forecasted 10 -12 mph winds) to an anchoring spot as the rain began to patter on the water. As soon as the anchor was down and the companionway was closed it began raining hard once again.

We slept at anchor to the sounds and lights of 3 or 4 separate thunderstorms that passed through our area. Non-stop rain for 12 hours. Coffee and oatmeal is cooking on our little butane as we read and play on the iPad. It is a nice way to pass the time, but we'd really like to have one weekend this year where we can unfurl the sails, put on some sunscreen and sail in comfort.


Come on weatherman, give us a chance to play.


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