Sunday, January 12, 2014

House or Home?

We received this lovely and appropriate holiday gift from our life long friends Jim and Joni. Although we are still living in our house in Wisconsin, it no longer feels like home. The kids are all out, independent and happy. Most of our personal stuff was sold or given away with just a small pile of items left which we will store. The family pictures and momentous are down from the walls and shelves which makes this structure feel more like a house than a home.

Even though we haven't purchased our cruising sailboat, it is where we picture ourselves at home. This sailboat will be our base for a couple of years and as the pillow says, "Home is where our sailboat is." Surely many of you are just shaking your heads and wondering how two seemingly normal and moderately intelligent (most of our close friends would disagree that this applies to Mike) people could choose to live without an address or permanent residence. For us, it simply makes sense as the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Right now we have what we are referring to as a window.

  • Our kids are on their own and scattered around the country.
  • No grandkids yet.
  • Mom is happy in a nice condo with a growing network of friends.
  • We are healthy and strong enough for our intended lifestyle.
  • Financially - well let's just say it is a small window that sticks when you try to open it.
Anyone want to buy a house? We want to buy a home.

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