Saturday, March 14, 2015

Downsizing Again?

We are now living in a small one bedroom apartment among boxes of sailing gear, bags of sails, miscellaneous sailboat cushions, sailing books............. It is kind of decorated in a new age "boxy baggy" style. This weekend we will sort through some of the boxes and repack them into three piles. We need one small pile of gear we will take on the upcoming BVI bareboat charter, one for all the gear that will stay with the O'Day 25 when she sells and finally a pile of gear we want to take to the new Wrinkles when we buy her.

Oh wait, there is one more pile. The next round of downsizing is necessary even though we have sold, given away and tossed a mountain of stuff. It is hard to believe that we still have too much stuff. Why on earth did we ever feel we needed all those things in the first place. This pile will then be sold or donated. We hope this will be the biggest pile.

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