Thursday, July 7, 2016

Kidnapped Again!

Double Rainbow

Before we left on our adventures, people asked us if we were worried about pirates. "Not where we are going," was our answer. No one warned us about kidnappers and we have been kidnapped a couple of times now!

Gail and Don on s/v Island Tyme live here in Punta Gorda. They were part of the Clearwater Crew earlier this year. And now they keep kidnapping us off the boat. First they took us to their house for dinner and kept us out until midnight! Then they kidnapped us and took us to the Celtic Ray for lunch and to listen to an Irish singer. We talked, laughed and sang our way past 5 pm.


Then yesterday they kidnapped us again at 11 a.m. and whisked us away to their house for swimming and lunch...which turned into chips and salsa by the pool, beverages, more laughing and trip planning. "Lunch" was served around 5. This was followed by an unexpected visit from their neighbors. The couple settled right in and the woman took over the tiller on the conversation and never gave it up. Wow could she talk! All in all we had a wonderful time and a memorable day. It was well after 9 p.m. before we were able to "escape" back to Wrinkles.

Gail watering Mike.

But fair is fair. We kidnapped them on the 4th. They came here to the marina to watch the Freedom Swim. This event turned out to be an annual tradition here in Punta Gorda. Swimmers, kayakers and others floating make the 1.5 mile trek across Charlotte Harbor and finish right in front of our marina. Dozens of boats at anchor and haphazardly motoring around and through the stream of contestants. It was disorganized, fun and entertaining to say the least. It was amazing to watch as 35 minutes from the start a few members of the Charlotte High Swim Team finished their crossing after swimming against the wind and the current. Swimmers continued to reach their destination over the next 2 1/2 hours. We were in awe of their determination and stamina.

We were exhausted after watching all that energy being spent, so we went to the pool to relax. Later it actually cooled off enough that we could have dinner in Wrinkle's cockpit (the first time since we have been here). As the time for fireworks approached, Gail pulled out the giant bubble makers she had brought and we walked over to the corner of our marina leaving a trail of bubbles. The bubbles picked up the colors from the setting sun. They were gorgeous as they floated over the water. We were also gifted with a complete double rainbow. The fireworks had a hard act to follow, but they were equally magnificent.

Mike playing with the bubbles.
Gail, Don and Mike

Yea, it's a rough life. We can't wait to be kidnapped again.


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