Wednesday, March 1, 2017

1st Annual Boot Key Harbor Madri Gras

Turning hats into Mardi Gras masks.
Brenda offering our gift to the Krewe.

We were lucky enough to be in BKH for their first annual Mardi Gras day. The organizers asked harbor residents to sign up for donations to the meal, drinks and festivities. Once you were on this list the Krewe came around Fat Tuesday a.m. to accept the donations and make merry. Four dinghies came through the moored and anchored boats with full costumes, Zydeco music blaring and lots of energy.

Brenda ready for the Krewe.
Mardi Gras party goer.

We donated potatoes, onions and garlic which would later be cut up and added to numerous other donations. The Krewe and other volunteers would make gumbo and other great foods for all the party attendees later in the day. Dependable Dive Services (Tom) had 20 pounds of live crawfish flown in from Louisiana.

We needed Mardi Gras costumes, so we recycled the New Year's Eve hats that Jim and Joni brought with them during their visit. Mike cut them up and made a couple of masks which worked out pretty well. Brenda donned her mask and beads for the Krewe as they stopped by Wrinkles for our donation. We disappointed them by not having any beer or shots ready for them. Seriously? It was 9 a.m.!

When the Krewe passed by on their way back we were better prepared for their festive mood. We set out some booze and offered them some shots. One participant wanted our whole bottle of Oakheart rum as a donation. We said sorry, but take a shot of your choice. They wiped out our cranberry vodka and put a healthy dent in our brandy bottle. That Krewe had a great time, but some of them ended up missing most of the Mardi Gras party as they burned out really early.

A little Louisiana food anyone?
Mike, Brenda and whatever he was.
One small plate of crawfish.

We donned our costumes and motored into the marina to join the festivities. What a ball we had. Drinks, lively Zydeco music blaring, everyone dancing and having a great time. The food was finally served around 3 p.m. and it was awesome. Gumbo, bread, potato salads, King's Crown cake, jambalaya, and later the crawfish. Yes, Brenda and I actually tried the fresh crawfish. We didn't follow the "Bite, suck and twist" directions to eat them, but we did eat the meat out of the tails. That part was really tasty.

It was a really fun day spent with the other cruisers and liveaboards of BKH. This is a truly fun adventure we are on.


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