Monday, April 3, 2017

Another Day In Paradise

Don said, "When I picture my perfect Bahamas spot, this is what I see." The quote may not be word for word, but I'm getting older and don't remember everything perfectly anymore. Or maybe it was the beer and rums I was consuming at the time.

Don, Gail, Brenda and I all decided it was high time we did the full tiki hut/lounge chair/beach/lunch thing and we had found just the place to do it. The day before our group had hiked the trails of Clifton Heritage Park and come across this somewhat hidden spot. I saw a distinctive bounce in Don's step as we hiked and talked about returning the next day to enjoy this little gem.

Both couples packed our backpacks with beach day necessities and then dinghied ashore. It is a fairly short hike from Jaws Beach to the apparently un-named tiki bar. After we arrived we met a really friendly Bahamian, Trevor, who shuttles a few cruise ship passengers from Nassau to various island spots including the tiki bar and beach. We explained that we were full-time cruisers looking to spend a relaxing afternoon enjoying the beach and a drink or two. I asked him how much to rent four of the lounge chairs for the afternoon and he told us to go ahead and use them for free and it would be our secret.

Don and Gail

We chatted with Trevor a little until it was time for him to round up his flock for their bus trip. We felt really bad for the poor cruise ship people who only had one hour at this fabulous spot. Well, maybe we didn't feel too bad. The tiki bar was out of beer, but they said more was on the way. Don grinned and said, "There won't be any beer today." Darn if he wasn't right, no beer all day. We ordered some tooty fruity concoction for Brenda and Don had to suffer through a can of the cheap beer I had brought along just in case. Cheap beer or not, it tasted pretty good about then as we lounged on the comfortable chairs looking out at the beautiful Bahamian waters.

Beach style dining room
Handicap accessible dining room

We asked the bartenders if they could play some reggae music which they did. Ahhh, now we are in paradise. Eventually Don decided it was time for a real drink, so he ordered himself one of the tooty fruity concoctions as well. That is when he uttered the quote at the beginning of this post. How cool that the four of us had sailed our own sailboats from Punta Gorda, Florida to the Keys to Bimini to Chubb Cay, Berries to New Providence and now we're sitting on a gorgeous Bahamian beach sipping cocktails?

Brenda and Gail

The music stopped after a few songs, so we asked if they could turn it back on. The bartender said, "It only play when the sun shining." Sure enough, once the sun came out from behind a cloud the music once again began playing. We thought that was just the way it should be here.

We ordered lunch which was cooked under a small canopy. The grill was made out of an old metal tank from which the smell of pork and chicken wafted everywhere. We ordered two pulled pork meals and two chicken meals. The meat was definitely spicy, but very tasty as well. The meal came with lots of meat, Bahamian Macaroni Cheese, salad, peas and rice along with a soft dinner roll. Yummy!

We shifted our lounge chairs a couple of times to stay in the shade as Trevor came and went with small groups from the cruise ships. Walks on the beach, more rum drinks and maybe a snooze or two made for a fantastic time. Wasting a day away like this is exactly what we all dreamed about when we decided to sail into the sunset.


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