Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wrinkles hits the waves

The weather forecast was not what they predicted, but so what. We needed to get Wrinkles back in the water. We were very anxious to see how she performed under our guidance. We pulled her over to Marshall Park where we had the whole staging area to ourselves. That was fine with us as we were looking anything but professional as we tried to find all the right places for the various pieces and parts. But we persevered and in about 1 1/2 hours we had her rigged and on the water. Next time shouldn't take nearly as long. Mike's mast raising system worked like a charm and we were off sailing on April 1st. That's unheard of here in Wisconsin.


The winds were 8-10 mph and of course they were right on our nose, but they gave us a good chance to see what Wrinkles would do. It's funny how different boats feel on the water. The longer water line along with the different hull shape (more wine glass than shot glass) made for a distinctly different feel than the Com-Pac 19. In low winds she gets up and goes and scoots right along.

Now that Mike had mastered the mast raising, his mechanical mind was at work on several other projects. Wrinkles is the perfect boat for him - little projects to work on, but nothing that will keep us off the water. Me - I just sat back and relaxed. The first time I had the tiller, I never even thought about adjusting the sails (yes, this boat and blog are aptly named). I was just enjoying being back on the water again.




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