Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bittersweet Day

Miss B's Haven, our Com-Pac 19, is on the road to her new home.  Fortunately she is only going to be 45 minutes away and we are sure we will see her again on our local lakes.  It's sad to see her go - we definitely made some great memories while sailing on her.  But it isn't too hard to say good-bye when her big sister, Wrinkles, is sitting in the driveway, getting loaded up for a weekend sail (if the weather comes through for us).

Last night we started the process of putting all of our stuff on the new boat.  It is quite a process to get cushions, lines, bedding, kitchen utensils, maps, life jackets, etc. back in the boat and situated.  As it started to get dark, we lit our Weems and Plath lantern and hung it in the cabin.  The light gave off a warm glow and a cozy feel as we played with organizing our "summer home". 

Come on sunshine!


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