Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July Sailing

B and I launched Wrinkles on Tuesday afternoon in anticipation of 6 days of sailing on Lake Mendota which was to be highlighted by the amazing Rhythm and Booms fireworks show. Our friends Jim and Joni were going to meet us on the lake Wednesday with their un-named Hunter 235. Fun!

The winds didn't bother to make an appearance on Wednesday, so we ended up motoring (yuck) all the way across the lake to get a great spot for the fireworks. We anchored in 5 feet of water just off the shore and had the Hunter raft up against us. Jim set out his stern anchor to keep us aligned for the best fireworks viewing. We spent the afternoon with our friends talking and sipping an occasional drink. Our son Matt and his girlfriend Kelly came out to watch spend the night aboard as well.

Rhythm and Booms is a 1/2 hour fireworks show choreographed to music played on a local radio station. It was so neat to hear the Star Spangled Banner on the radio while everyone aboard their boats stood and focused on the largest flag in the bay aboard a huge powerboat. The show was incredible and seeing it from the water just made it even more special.

The rest of the week and weekend were all sailing, eating on State Street and enjoying the sounds of music and laughter coming from the Union. We love the new public pier set just off the Union. We can pull in and walk up to State Street whenever we want now. We anchored each night in a well protected bay and slept like rocks. This sailing stuff sure is tough!


When we finally pulled into the ramp to retrieve Wrinkles on Sunday we were surprised to see another Com-Pac sailboat. We met Mike and his nice Com-Pac 16, "Clear Porpoise", and had a quick chat. Nice to meet you Mike. We like your taste in sailboats.

Now we have just two days to clean, load and prep Wrinkles for sailing on Lake Carlyle in Illinois. We stay in a marina for a week which is unusual for us. We are really used to just throwing out an anchor and bobbing all night for free. It sure will be nice to be able to take a real shower each day though.

Man we love summer!


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