Monday, July 29, 2013

CLR Raft-ups

​Raft-ups have become an integral part of the CLR experience. This year was no exception.

Everyone has their choice for the perfect floating paraphernalia. Some prefer the traditional noodle - which leads to comments such as, “Sarah, your noodle is showing!” or “Grab my purple noodle.”Some use life jackets the way they are intended to be used, and others (Brenda) use their life jacket like a diaper and float hands-free. You also have the horse shoe throwables which double as good drink and snack caddies.

This year Becky added an inflatable paddle board to the mix. That holds lots of drinks and snacks. We kept her busy delivering to all the thirsty and hungry sailors. The variety is only limited by the drinks of choice of the floatees. From beer to brandy slushies to mixed drinks to gatorade and even a box o’ wine. We kid you not, one guy from Texas had his box of wine floating in the water with us. Pretty soon the box became a bag of wine as the outer covering soon disintegrated.

We discovered that after we anchor, we can tie a rope between two or three of the central boats and use them as handholds so we don’t drift apart.​Regardless of the floating method chosen,the time spent bobbing in the water, chatting with good friends, soaking up their knowledge and experience, rafting up is one of our favorite parts of CLR.

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