Friday, September 13, 2013

The 5 Bathroom Question

So who was the moron that built a house with five bathrooms? Oh, that would be me.


Instead of enjoying our sailboat during this beautiful fall Wisconsin weather, we are inside tiling bathroom floors. I enjoy building and remodeling, but for some reason I've never liked painting or brickwork. Well now I can add tiling to that list. According to our friend and realtor we need to replace the linoleum in all of our bathrooms with tile. That seems easy to do until you realize that the aforementioned moron put five bathrooms in the house when he built it 15 years ago. Who needs 5 bathrooms? Actually Brenda argued for a sixth bathroom in the basement. Five is silly, six is crazy talk.

If we want to sell the house for the price we want we will need to listen to our realtor and tile away. Brenda had the smallest bathroom tiled professionally a couple of years ago along with the mud room, kitchen and breakfast nook. I'm still not over the sticker shock from that little project. So now I am spending my time on my hands and knees bonding with these lovely new tiles. Three bathrooms down Mike, only the master bathroom to go.

No sailing this weekend, but one step closer to our sabbatical.



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