Friday, September 27, 2013

Which Boat?

If you have looked at our Short List page you know we have a fondness for heavy displacement vessels with full or modified full keels. We would love to be looking at 40 - 45 foot sailboats, but we won't be able to afford to purchase or maintain one of that size. That is why we listed several sailboats in the 27 - 34 foot range that provide most of the must-haves on our list.

Island Packet

Headroom: Mike is 6'3" so headroom is his top requirement. Brenda at 5'5" probably isn't too worried about headroom.

Heavy Displacement: We sail with wrinkles in our sails. Speed is not a top priority.

Low Draft: We plan on sailing the west coast of Florida, Orange Beach/Gulf Shores and Key West to start which means a 4' draft would be ideal.

Classic Lines: Our common sense tells us to stick with a simple, tried and true production run cruiser such as the Island Packet 31 / 32. Simple systems, much less bright work to maintain, readily available and completely suitable to our intended cruise.

Our eyes and hearts are drawn to the beautiful classic lines of the Baba 30 / 35. Older boats, older systems, much more bright work, fewer available and yet perfect for our intended cruise. If you aren't familiar with the Baba line, check them out. Look at the pictures and tell me your heart doesn't go pitter-patter.




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