Sunday, December 1, 2013

I miss my music!

I just got word that the flute we ordered has shipped and should be here Tuesday. A flute, you say? What does that have to do with sailing?

Always planning ahead, I wanted something to do while Mike, bless his heart, is fixing the head, changing filters on the engine, or numerous other daily tasks. What better way for me to assist than to serenade him with a calming tune. Or could it be that I have really missed playing the clarinet or the piano while in the throes of raising children. Regardless of the reason, we decided that I needed a flute. A clarinet would not tolerate tropical weather and a piano wouldn’t fit! Besides, on a flute, I can belt out music to my heart’s content and not disturb the neighbors.

After much searching, we found a company called Sunreed in Vermont that makes transverse bamboo flutes. They are long, wide bored, open holed flutes that have a low mellow tone. Picture this: We are anchored in a scenic harbor with a glass of wine and the sunset for a backdrop. In the background you hear the deep haunting song of an F sharp flute floating in the wind.

click here to hear a sample.


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