Saturday, December 7, 2013

Strictly Sail Chicago 2014

B and I are excited about this years Strictly Sail show in Chicago. We plan on going for three full days so we can attend numerous seminars given by some of sailings biggest names. It will be fun to listen to the authors of several of our favorite sailing how-to books in person. It is a great opportunity to gain advice and knowledge from sailors who have logged tens of thousands of miles on the water. Some of them have actually sailed hundreds of thousands of miles. Amazing!

We went over the seminar agenda this morning to highlight the specific seminars and speakers that we considered important to us. Here are a few examples of our selections.

  • Selecting an Ocean Cruising Boat by John Neal
  • Lessons Learned Along The Way by Nigel Calder
  • Marine Radar by Tom Igelski
  • The Adventures That Shaped Our Lives by Lin and Larry Pardey
  • How To Keep A Starboard Attitude While Cruising by Bob Bitchin
  • Coastal Navigation With iPad And Android Devices by Thom Burns
  • Assessing Your Marine Weather Self Reliant Skills by Lee Chesneau
  • Voyage Planning by Beth Leonard
  • Outfitting And Provisioning For Cruising by Sheryl and Paul Shard

And several more......

You just don't get many opportunities to learn this much about cruising in one place at such a low price. Besides, we get to ogle all those fancy show boats that we'll never be able to afford.


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