Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Strictly Sail Chicago 2014 (cont.)


We were excited to attend Lin and Larry Pardey's "The Adventures that Shaped Our Lives" seminar. These two amazing people have lived the cruising life to the extreme. They have hand built two small wooden cruising boats and seen the world aboard them. Lin was the speaker as Larry didn't appear physically up to a presentation. Lin did a great job of outlining their lives and adventures in a short amount of time. She is small in stature, but large in sense of adventure, love of life and mental toughness.

Lin and Larry have written some of our favorite books based on all their years of sailing experience. Mike took the opportunity to stop in at their booth afterwards to chat with Larry and had a wonderful time.

Thank you Lin and Larry for all you have done for countless current and future cruisers. Your Storm Tactics book will serve us well in the near future.



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  1. I am so glad you have this love of sailing to share. Did you know that Mike and I have a sailboat? Yep, a vintage one....came with South & Main. I will let you know the details, it will be in out fall mini sessions as Sailing will be our theme.