Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Strictly Sail Chicago - 2014 (cont.)

Bob Bitchin. Now there is a name for a sailor. Bob Bitchin's real name, Robert Lipkin, just doesn't do him justice. He is a large, burly man who is full of life, laughter and a hint of philosophy. If you aren't familiar with Bob then you are missing out. His life story, biker, druggie, biker magazine editor, writer, actor, sailing lifestyle magazine creator and sailor, speaks of a life fully lived. He has lived hard and fast while experiencing the world.


I first heard of Bob when I was a sailing novice and read a copy of his Lats and Atts magazine. He wrote of sailing and experiencing the world from the deck of a boat. I immediately decided this man had an interesting slant on life and couldn't wait to read more. His writing often explores some fundamental human trait or action from his particular view...sometimes funny and sometimes philosophical, but always entertaining. I've continued to read Bob's writings and watch his TV show episodes as I have grown as a sailor and look forward to his future offerings.

Brenda and I were joined by some friends at Bob's Strictly Sail seminar, How to keep a Starboard Attitude While Cruising, and we all thoroughly enjoyed Bob's presentation. Although I had met Bob briefly last year at the show, this was the first time I had a chance to really hear his ideas and experiences at length. After the seminar we went to Bob's Cruising Outpost (his new magazine) booth to renew our subscription and talk to Bob in person for a few minutes. I came away wishing we could just pull up a couple of barstools and talk at length.

Well Bob Bitchin, you have definitely played a role in helping me persue my dream of cruising. I hope someday our sailboats will share a tropical bay, so we can tip a beverage and talk about sailing and life.


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