Sunday, March 23, 2014

She knows me too well!

I have fished a little as a diversion, but I can't begin to call myself a fisherman. Since I plan on catching a few meals while we are off cruising I have set off to learn what equipment is needed and how to use it. A popular cruising forum contributor recommended the perfect book, "The Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing" by Wendy and Scott Bannerot. The authors explain what equipment and methods have worked for them as they cruised the world. They take fishing to the extreme, but by selecting the basics a cruiser can get a lot of great advice from them.

I took their recommendation to purchase a Penn Senator 6/0 reel and a heavy rod that can be used as a trolling or stand-up rig. After spending a lot of time on eBay placing lowball bids and losing out on some nice deals, I came across one rod and reel combo that was calling my name. I placed my usual last minute bid on it and for once I wasn't outbid. Sweet!

When Brenda came home from work I told her that she had bought my Father's Day gift early. The conversation went like this.

Mike: "I just knew it was meant to be mine."

Brenda: "Why, does it have a naked lady on it?"

Mike: "Well, not exactly."

Brenda: "Must be a naked mermaid then."

Note: I had a very nice photo of the lovely mermaid here, but I was concerned that our blogging site would be unhappy with it. Sorry, use your imagination.
Darn if she wasn't right!


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