Saturday, March 22, 2014

This Uncertainty Is Tough

The view from our Orange Beach condo

Our beautiful country home has been on the market for about 5 weeks with the prime selling season about to begin. The next 2-4 months in Wisconsin are the most active as families like to move at the end of the school year in June. We have a showing today which is a good sign that people are starting to think about purchasing their new homes.

The hard part is we are at a standstill on our cruising plans. We can't aggressively hunt for our sailboat, Brenda will soon be on a deadline to sign a teaching contract for the next semester and we need to decide whether to sell Wrinkles now or hold on to her for another Wisconsin summer if the house doesn't sell. We haven't listed Wrinkles for sale yet, but one couple has expressed a serious interest in buying her this spring. They are coming today to look Wrinkles over and let us know if they truly want to adopt her.

Lake Mendota Sunset

We had to come up with Plan B in case the house doesn't sell before the upcoming sailing season. The idea of keeping Wrinkles and doing our usual sailing is OK, but it just felt like we would be spinning our wheels and not progressing toward our goal of sailing full-time on a larger boat. So......Plan B: Sell Wrinkles, cry, buy the largest inexpensive (Hunter 265 / O'Day 25 - 27) trailerable sailboat that we can tow and gain some valuable experience on Green Bay and Lake Michigan. We could still sail locally and join our friends for a week of sailing on Lake Carlyle in Illinois. In the event our house sells before Brenda has to sign her next contract we would be able to trailer Plan B (Hey, that is a good name for her!) down to Orange Beach and sail her until we find our cruising boat.

This may not be our dream of Plan A, but at least we would feel like we were heading in that direction. Wish us luck!


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