Sunday, April 13, 2014

"Plan B"

As posted recently, we decided we needed a Plan B in the event the house didn't sell right away. Concerns about being sailors without a sailboat were bothering both of us. We didn't want to simply repeat last year's sailing without gaining new experiences and skills. So Plan B was born which entailed buying an inexpensive large trailerable sailboat and sailing her as much as possible. The boat would be nearly as big as our future cruising boat, so docking and sailing it will add to our skill base. We plan on some extended trips to adjust to living aboard.

So here is " Plan B", a 1982 O'Day 25.

We will be delivering Wrinkles to her new owners in the next couple of weeks. She has been a wonderful teacher and we will always have fond memories of her.

Once Wrinkles has been delivered, we will pick up Plan B and start on Plan B. We are already making the to-do list.


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