Saturday, April 26, 2014

Plan B Progress

We have reserved a slip on Lake Mendota for the summer. Whoo Hooo! It will be really nice to have a fully rigged boat just waiting for us in a slip. We should be able to get in lots of sailing even on week nights when the winds are fair. I told Brenda we now have a cottage on the lake.

I had some time today to begin prepping Plan B for a season of sailing. Brenda and I have ordered a bunch of things to repair and pretty up our O'Day 25. We ordered new foam and material to make cockpit cushions, new material for the interior cushions, an LED anchor light, a Bimini, spare tire, handheld VHS, zippers and thread.

The boat came with about a gallon and a half of bottom paint which it sorely needed. Mike rolled this on today and it looks so much better. The tiller was a really sad looking piece of wood, so Mike is laminating a nice new replacement. One of the owner modifications we have seen was storage shelving built in behind the cabin table. We made up the shelf and installed it today as well. Nice!

Table Before
Table After
Table Unfolded
Looks like the perfect place to store some wine and Drambuie.
Table Stowed
The fixed VHF was ancient and the wiring was rotted out, so we pulled it out and don't plan on replacing it. We now have two nice West Marine handheld VHF radios that will work just fine. The stereo was located in a lousy spot that was difficult to access, so we will relocate it to a better spot in the cabin. Mike is cleaning up some cobbled wiring inside and then it will be time to clean everything up and load all our sailing gear.

She may be an oldie, but we'll bet she will still look pretty good when we are done setting her up.


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