Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gotta buckle down and work!

We had our first offer on the house this week. Yippee! We couldn't reach a price agreement, so no sale this time. Booooooo! Some good did come from the experience though. Brenda and I were forced to recognize that we had been slacking in our efforts to prepare the house and our remaining belongings for an eventual sale. The lack of offers on the house had lulled us into a waiting mode which has to stop.

After the offer we listed some of the things that would have to be done before a house inspection and boy did that list surprise us. We have been goofing off too much again. Ok, from now on we are going to really concentrate on house sale preparations and quit goofing off.

Hmmm, this weekend the big fireworks show is on the lake. We're packing the coolers and heading to the boat for the weekend. A great weekend of sailing and seeing friends. We'll quit goofing off next week. We promise.


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