Monday, June 9, 2014

Motoring In

Since we have always trailered our sailboats it meant that a wonderful weekend of sailing would end with an hour or two of sweaty work. As we motored in to the launch we dreaded getting the boat on the trailer, taking all the rigging down, tying everything up and then towing her home. It was always worth the effort, but it certainly was a chore for us.


This year we rented a nice slip on Lake Mendota which allows us to simply motor in and tie the O'Day up. It is a fairly long channel that requires motoring for a good 15 minutes. Motoring in last night Brenda dropped the sails, tied on the fenders, put on the sail covers and made sure the dock lines were readied. After that she sat up near the bow and just relaxed and enjoyed the scenery as the old Johnson outboard putted us home.

We pulled into our slip and enjoyed the slowly setting sun with a cool drink and quiet music playing.

A much nicer way to end a great day sailing.


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