Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Perfect Weekend

Mike picked a perfect time to take a Friday off.

We started out Thursday with our now traditional nachos and music at Nau-tiGal's. Matt and Kelly joined us "because it was too beautiful out not to". We marveled at the acoustic guitar player's talents while sitting outside where there was just enough breeze to keep the mosquitoes away. Oh yea, and we could just walk across the street to our boat when we were done!

Friday morning Mike got up and got his work out in, while I.......slept in of course! It wasn't too long after he returned before we were cruising out the channel to open water. It was a gorgeous day, but not much for wind. I was at the tiller trying to eke out any kind of forward motion without much success. I spotted some ripples farther out on the lake, Mike motored us over, and our sailing weekend began!

Tenny Park

We had a tackless sail to the far end of the lake where we tied up to the dock and walked up the street for a cold one and dinner. Only one problem...the entire block was out of electricity. Good thing for us the restaurant we chose still had a cold beer in the frig for Mike and a vodka and lemonade for me (their margarita slushy machine needed electricity). After about 15-20 minutes the power came back on and we had a relaxing and refreshing dinner.

After we walked back to the boat, we had a brisk five mile sail back to the union. Unfortunately, the docks were very busy and our sailboat didn't stand a chance snagging a spot before one of several power boaters snuck in ahead of us ( but that's a story for another day). The featured band was hip hop anyway, so we took an early departure for our anchorage at Picnic Point. The mosquitoes "greeted" us, so we set anchor and closed up shop as quickly as possible. Mike had downloaded the premiere episode of Black Sails, a pirate TV series to his ipad. It had the typical swashbuckling sword fights and cannon fire along with some racy women. The blood and guts proved to be too much for me as I woke in the middle of the night from a dream of pirates trying to board our boat! No more pirate movies for me!

Saturday we upped anchor after a quick breakfast and sailed for the rest of the day! It was a beeeauuuuutiful day. The winds were perfect. The skies were clear. And the thermometer hovered in the upper 70's. This was the kind of day we had been waiting for all summer.

We anchored out for supper and a little fishing practice while listening to the frat house music. We were treated to a rare, but spectacular, bright red sunset! The Union docks started clearing out about 9, so we ducked in for some Babcock ice cream. The ice cream was awesome, but the live rap music was something we could do without. Time to set the anchor for the night back at Picnic Point after putting in roughly 25 miles under sail. Why is it that when we are home we can't stay awake past 9, but when we are sailing, we never seem to get the anchor down before midnight?

Sunday we slept in, sailed off of our anchor and didn't stop until we were back at our slip around 2. We had perfect winds again so we decided to play a little bit. We tried to hove-to (see previous post) without much success and experimented with the whisker pole for the first time on this boat. The winds were perfect for a down wind run, so Mike took the opportunity to bask in the sun while lounging on the bow. Good view for me!

Once back at the slip we started to do some boat projects, but were saved when we got a call from Jim and Joni. They stopped by to watch the boat traffic parade with us. Shortly thereafter, Michelle and Dan parked their power boat in the empty slip next to us and joined us for a bit. We weren't quite ready for the day to be done, so it was off to Nau-ti-gal's for "linner" (that's Joni speak for lunch/dinner). It was a nice way to end a perfect weekend!


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