Sunday, July 20, 2014

To Hove Or Not To Hove

Mike recently had a chat with a sailing buddy, George, who mentioned a couple that never hove-to their sailboats. George single hands quite often and finds hove-to invaluable and couldn't understand their reluctance to try it. We have practiced and used this technique of "parking" our boats for breaks or adjustments on each of our previous boats. We realized that we hadn't tried this on the O'Day yet and decided to correct that shortcoming.

This weekend we made several attempts to get the O'Day to settle into the hove-to position. We tried adjusting the main, foresail and rudder to no avail. We tried it on two different days with light winds one day and moderate winds the second. Each time we got it into position it would slowly rotate until the balance was gone. We were frustrated since we have always been able to get our previous boats to cooperate in this important manuever.

Any ideas out there? Is this common on the O'Day 25?

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