Monday, September 8, 2014

Drooling over an Island Packet 31

The IP31 is in the top two of our short list for a cruising boat. Friday we had a chance to inspect one in person to see if the pictures and reviews of this model were realistic. We knew that this particular boat was a bit out of our budget as it was a fresh water only, lightly used and well maintained sailboat. No sweat equity available on this one. Yet we went with the anticipation of two 8 year olds on Christmas morning to get our hands on the real deal.
We were not disappointed in any way. The Island Packet signature cream colored hull with the traditional ports give the boat enough of that classic look that Brenda and I love. We are not big fans of the Clorox bottle looking boats with the big flat lexan windows. She is beamy at 11.5' which makes her roomy, stiff sailing, a bit slow under sail and allows abundant storage. The 31 foot length seems longer due to the nice big bowsprit.

They advertise standing headroom of 6' 3" and it seems to be pretty accurate. Mike could just stand with his hair ( well, what's left of it anyhow) compressed against the head liner. The v-berth is advertised as 6' 6" and we're not too sure their tape measure was completely accurate on that one. It would be OK, but not quite as long as we hoped. Lots of storage spots, but not many areas for large or bulky items. The interior feels spacious and comfortable. We could see ourselves happily living aboard this model of boat.

On the drive home we both knew the other was busy creating a way to buy this lovely boat. No hope of that at this time. We need to sell our house first. Hopefully there will be boats as nice as this one available when our time comes.

Hmmmm. Maybe if we sell Plan B, buy a cheaper truck..........


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