Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Boys


Last weekend our oldest son, John, drove up from Columbus, Ohio to spend the weekend with us. John went off to college about the time we took up sailing and has never sailed with us. John and his younger brother, Matt, joined us on Plan B for a few hours of sailing on Sunday. The winds were pushing 15+ mph on a pretty choppy Lake Mendota as we motored out through the channel. Brenda and I tried several different sail options to give John a feel for sailing without a lot of heeling. We hoped to show him that by reducing sail area we could make a sailboat quite safe and comfortable in most conditions. We probably bored John to death with the slow speed sailing, but we want our kids to feel comfortable with our future offshore sailing plans. It was fun to have the two boys aboard to experience our hobby and intended lifestyle.


Brenda and I are extremely proud of our young men. They are good natured, easy going and friendly. Our friends and acquaintances are always telling us what great kids we have. Parents can't ask for more than that.

We love you boys.


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  1. Wonderful tale, M&B. I've so much enjoyed taking my kids (30 and 33) sailing and we've had the best and most open talks aboard "Koinoina". And, yes- our kids are our heritage and when we get compliments such as you had, it makes all the hair-pullling moments worth it. No pun intended for Mike's hair, or, ah lack of it!
    Best to you both. B23