Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dahon Folding Bikes


We recently bought a pair of older Dahon Boardwalk 6-speed bikes from Carol and Dave, some friends of ours. They had a pair that they no longer used and gave us a very good deal on them. Thanks guys, we'll make great use of them. We replaced the old tires and inner tubes to get them road ready. Brenda sewed up some Sunbrella fabric bags which will make it easier to store them in the boat and transport them to land in the dinghy.


Yesterday we aired up the tires and took advantage of the 60 degree temperatures to take a test ride on them. We zipped around our little retirement community and then toured a bit around the Yahara River area of Lake Mendota. We stopped at one of our favorite places for a cool drink and the wonderful chicken nachos they serve. The Nau-ti-gal is one of those places that sits on the water, serves good food, cold drinks and often has free live entertainment outside. Since it was happy hour we enjoyed the chicken nacho plate that easily fed both of us for just $4.99! Yummy.

It feels like summer is finally going to arrive and this was a really nice way to break it in. Thanks again guys, we love our little bikes which will be named "Carol" and "Dave" from now on.

Some day we'll have tell a few Carol stories to everyone. She has kept us laughing for many years with her antics. The hard part will be remembering any stories that are PG enough!


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