Friday, May 1, 2015

Say Hello To "Wrinkles"


The Island Packet 31 survey and sea trial went really well. An issue with the refrigerator short cycling was found and corrected. We will need to replace the cutlass bearing, add a coat of bottom paint, stitch a couple spots on the sails and install a solar system before we splash her in August. Otherwise she is in great shape.


Mike ordered solar panels, wiring and a controller to build a 350 watt system. This should allow us the freedom to use a decent amount of electricity on a daily basis without running the diesel motor constantly for charging. We also ordered and received several of the marine charts for the central west coast of Florida where we will be starting our cruise.


The money has been wired to the seller and she is officially our cruising boat. We will rename her "Wrinkles" when we go down in August. "Wrinkles" is an odd name, but it fits us well. We didn't take up sailing until there were a few wrinkles on Mike's face. More importantly it reflects our sailing style. We tend to sit back, enjoy the breeze, watch the beautiful scenery and chat about nothing instead of concentrating on keeping all the sails perfectly trimmed. Thus, wrinkles in our sails.



  1. Hi - I found your blog through WWS. Am looking forward to following your adventures and have added your blog to our sailing blog page on our blog. Your new boat looks fantastic and perfect for many "wrinkly" adventures! Cheers - Ellen

  2. Thanks. We'll check out your blog as well. Fair winds.