Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It's Like Christmas


It's been like Christmas at our apartment. First charts came for the west coast of Florida. Then came a pair of Keens water sandals for Brenda followed by a pair of Teva Omniums for Mike. Over the next few days came Dry Tech towels and our Omnia oven. West Marine had a great sale on binoculars, so a pair of Tahiti binoculars with a built-in lighted compass showed up at our door. Finally came the solar panels and controls to assure Mike will have enough electricity for ice and music on board. As much as we have been trying to pare down our belongings, these additions will improve our odds of a safe and enjoyable adventure. Our hotmail account has turned into a way to keep track of what has been ordered and delivered. Each new arrival brings us that much closer to our destination and the grins get harder and harder to contain.


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