Monday, November 16, 2015

What Are We Up To?

The view from the condo.

As we had planned, we are working on our condo in Orange Beach, Alabama. The condo hasn't received any real renovations in the past few years, so it was time to update a few things. The cabinets and countertops are all original and in dire need of replacement. The cabinets look fine from 10 feet away, but up close they are very tired looking. Brenda and I picked out new custom made cabinets and some very pretty granite countertops. Removing the wallpaper and replacing the dishwasher should really update the kitchen area.

Tired old cabinets and wallpaper.

Additionally, we replaced all three ceiling fans, touched up the paint, put shelving in the Owner's Closet, mounted the bedroom TV on the wall and ordered new vertical blinds. We would like to replace the original vertical blinds with drapes, but as soon as we saw their prices we ran very quickly out of the store. It's just fabric people!

In between projects we have been enjoying this beautiful area of coastal Alabama. Brenda loves her walks on the beach, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, live music everywhere, too many restaurants to count and some of the friendliest people ya'll will ever meet. (Been just waiting for a chance to use "ya'll" in the blog)

Sunrise on the Gulf

Next week we are renting a car and heading north to see family and friends for Thanksgiving. We plan on spending a day with our good sailing friends, Sarah and Steve, in Illinois on our way up to Wisconsin.

Sarah, Steve, Brenda

It will be great to see them again. We are also anxious to see some of our Wisconsin friends again. We may have Florida driver's licenses and live wherever our sailboat is, but we'll always be truly at home in Wisconsin. Well, except when it is cold or snowing.



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