Friday, November 20, 2015

A day at the beach

No two beach walks are the same. One day the dolphins might be cavorting close to shore. The next day the dolphins might be shy, but in their place might be a flock of pelicans testing their fishing skills. On another day it might be a man fishing with three lines cast out to the Gulf. Sometimes we see surfers paddling for the perfect wave. At other times we might have the beach to ourselves. Sometimes the sand itself shifts and we find shallow pools with skates or high walls to climb.

The shells we find vary daily as well. One day the beach might offer up sand dollars. The next day urchins might be the shell of the day. And once in a while we are lucky enough to find whelks.

Yep....each walk may be different, but we are always shown something new!



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  1. A walk on the beach is so therapeutic. Something about the sound of the water, be it the Atlantic, the Gulf or even a stream or river. I hope all is well with you two.