Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How About an Update?

Matt & Kelley's Basement

We've been a bit busy, but we wanted to update everyone. Matt and Kelley have been able to get into part of their house to retrieve some personal items. They may be able to eventually retrieve more if the structural engineer believes the building can be stabilized and made safe for access. Much of their furniture, kitchen, dining room and living room will be a total loss.

Dining Room

Brenda and I purchased airline tickets back to Punta Gorda (for the second time) prior to the house explosion. Since we were concerned about a potential tropical storm that was forming in the Gulf I flew down to Wrinkles to do some storm prep. Our good friends Don and Gail picked me up in Ft. Myers and delivered me back to Wrinkles. Brenda stayed in Madison to help the kids get back on their feet. She will help them get organized, preview some possible apartments or houses and anything else to help the kids out. It feels pretty strange being on opposite sides of the country as we are rarely more than 50' from each other.

Today I pulled the sails off Wrinkles and removed the outboard from the dinghy before it started pouring rain. Tomorrow I plan on removing the dodger and storing the dinghy on the deck. Hopefully the rain will give me a break tomorrow and let me finish the storm preparations. Right now the weather gurus say we should expect 60 mph winds and 5-7" of rain. This storm may fizzle out or head north of us, but I can't wait around and just hope everything will miss us.

Brenda will book a third flight to Punta Gorda in a week or two and I'm hoping she actually uses her ticket this time. No more doctors, dentists or house explosions please! I miss my wife, but I know she is where she should be right now.


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