Friday, August 26, 2016

Somebody is looking out for you.

There used to be a house here.

Our son Matt and his fiancé Kelley live in a duplex near Madison, WI. Well, they used to live in that duplex. Just 30 minutes after leaving their house to meet us for dinner their home ceased to exist. The house next door to theirs exploded and disappeared. The blast also destroyed their home and trapped their two dogs inside. A wonderful fireman entered their home and dug the two dogs out from the debri and removed them from the cages which likely saved their lives. Thank you Chief Pulvermacher.

Matt and Kelley's house.

The living room and kitchen area of their home - where they normally would have been - was blown apart. Broken glass, debri, drywall and lumber were blasted right through their living area. Someone was looking out for them as just 30 minutes before (or on most any other week night) they would have been right in the middle of the mayhem.

The house that exploded was just to the right in this picture.

Thank you to all the amazing firemen, policemen and emergency workers for their quick and professional response. The house has been deemed unsafe, so Matt and Kelley are not allowed to enter it and retrieve any of their personal belongings. All they have is what they were wearing at the time. Friends have already stopped by with spare clothing, shoes, gift certificates for food and more. What amazing friends they have.

Brenda and I are just thankful that Matt, Kelley and the dogs are safe. All the rest is just stuff.


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  1. So glad everyone is safe. An unoccupied house near us was lost to a gas explosion near us last year. No warning. Here, then gone. Caught on police video. Play it safe...get out for dinner as often as possible!!