Saturday, December 17, 2016

Dinghy Drift Drone Photo

Dinghy drift in Boot Key Harbor

This awesome picture was taken by one of the cruisers participating in the dinghy drift we told you about in our last post. You can see the dinghies grouping up as the sun was setting. Beautiful.



  1. Enjoy. It is going down to -14 tonight. Wind chills are in the -20 - -30 range. Brrr
    Have you had the opportunity to get into Alone in the Gulf of Mexico? Al

  2. Howdy Al. We certainly are enjoying the fine weather down here. I read and enjoyed your book "Alone in the Gulf of Mexico" recently. Brenda hasn't had her turn with it yet. I love reading books that involve sailing and intrigue. If anyone is looking for a fun sailing based read pick a copy up and check it out.