Thursday, December 29, 2016

Dinghy Ride Time

The Ernie T

Since the wind decided to take a day off we took the Ernie T out for a spin in the calm conditions. We putted out of Boot Key Harbor and then headed south down Sister's Creek toward the Atlantic. Half way through Sister's Creek we followed a pretty branch off to the west and into the mangroves. With the Tohatsu outboard tilted up into the shallow water position we enjoyed the quiet solitude of the mangroves.

Returning to the main Creek we headed farther south past Sombrero Beach and followed the channel markers out onto the Atlantic. Once we were in slightly deeper water we turned right and headed out to West Sister's Rock. After anchoring the Ernie T we waded ashore to check out the tiny island.

The island is mostly rock with a few spots of sand and some really tenacious shrubs holding on for dear life. Shells are imbedded in the rock as well as the fossilized shapes of plants and animals. It is really interesting to wander around and find all their different shapes.

Sponge bowl drying out.

If you get the chance to check out West Sister's Rock, wear some rough surface shoes and make sure you have a dinghy anchor. You won't find a spot to beach your dinghy on this island. The best spot to access the island is on the northwest corner.


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