Saturday, June 3, 2017

Grassy Key to Shark River to Indian Key

Grassy Key was to be our last anchorage in the Florida Keys. We sailed north to the Florida mainland as we headed home. "Home" is now a strange thought to us. What is home? For two years it has been wherever Wrinkles was at the time. Since we really don't have a firm plan for our future, home is in limbo. We believe we will continue to live aboard Wrinkles for another winter, but after that who knows. Let's just continue having fun aboard Wrinkles while we can and let our future create itself.

The sail across the Florida Bay was uneventful and very relaxing. At one point we were in eight feet of water, but couldn't see any land in any direction. We also commented on the color of the water. Its emerald green. That's pretty, but we miss the Bahamian blues and turquoises and teals and being able to see bottom. We hadn't stopped at Shark River on our way down, but Don and Gail had anchored there previously. We followed them into the anchorage and dropped our anchor. The spot is very tidal which caused Wrinkles to sit at odd angles to the wind and waves. A thunderstorm was brewing across the Gulf of Mexico causing the waves to grow a bit. Mike became concerned about our dinghy hanging on the davits in these conditions, so we put it up on the deck. Later the waves settled down and we had a decent night's sleep.

The next morning the weather looked better, so we pulled our anchors and headed to Indian Key. We enjoyed good winds, but we spent most of the day killing all the mosquitos that hitchhiked a ride from the Everglades. Our cockpit looked like a slaughterhouse. The Indian Key anchorage was a good spot for an overnight rest. There is nothing else there but nature and more mosquitos.

We awoke to a lousy weather forecast which called for thunderstorms out on the Gulf of Mexico. We decided to stay put and see if Saturday's weather would be better. We read books, played cards and just had a lazy day. It was kind of nice for a change.

Off to Naples we go.


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