Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Key Largo to Islamorada

We left Key Largo late in the morning to take advantage of high tide through Dusenbury Creek and Grouper Creek. These two creeks are kind of scary as they don't show much water depth on our charts. It turned out that we should have been more concerned with all the Memorial Day power boat idiots. No matter how little room there is these captains revel in showing off how fast they can pass a sailboat and then turn their heads as they pass to see how big of wake they managed to throw our way. There are some courteous ones, but there are far more jerks. One power boat passed us in the tiny creek so fast and close they managed to push their wake up and over Island Tyme's deck.

Stormwatch band was awesome!
Recycled scuba tank
Lorelei's dock
Sunset at Loreleis
Funky boat in small marina behind Lorelei's Restaurant

Once we dropped our anchors in the bay by Islamorada we agreed not to sail again until the Memorial Day throng had left. We spent Saturday through Monday in Islamorada checking out the Lorelei Bar and Restaurant, live music, two local breweries and a bus trip to West Marine in Key Largo. What a fun and relaxing stay it was. We spent far too much money at Lorelei, but those Bushwackers, Key Lime Coladas and Mango Dacquaris were to hard to resist!

Islamorada is probably the last place in the Keys that we will step ashore. One stop for an overnight anchorage outside Grassy Key will be the end of the Keys for this season. After Grassy Key we sail north to Shark River in the Florida Everglades. Cross your fingers for some favorable winds.


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