Thursday, May 24, 2012

Emptying the Empty Nest

We have been busy at home trying to empty out all the stuff that has accumulated in our home over the past 16 years.  When we built the house we brought all the stuff from our previous 5 years along with us, so we have over 21 years worth of trash and treasure.  Now that we have the house to ourselves (except during the summers when our final college kid comes back) we have come to realize just how much stuff piles up when you raise three rambunctious kids AND have a wife who comes from a family of pack rats.  We didn't put the sailboat on the water last weekend so we could concentrate on hauling all that stuff out of our house and into the big garage for a monster garage sale. 

Tonka trucks, Easy Bake Ovens, books galore, furniture, old hobbies, decorations, and you name it all came out.  It took us 10 minutes just to haul all the old golf club sets down from the garage attic.  Where did all this stuff come from? 

Well it feels good to eliminate so much clutter from our lives and it is a big step toward getting the house ready for sale next year.  We hope to have the house in order and put it on the market next summer with the goal of moving to our condo in Orange Beach / Gulf Shores soon thereafter. 

This week we have continued to haul stuff out, but we are also taking the time to work on Wrinkles for the upcoming 4 day sailing weekend.  Brenda has been tackling the cushion recovering project and has cut a new piece of memory foam to add to the V-berth area.  It is amazing how much more comfortable it is to sleep on the berth with this added padding.  We did this to our CP19 and it was wonderful! She purchased a new comforter and pillow cases to pretty things up as well.  Mike has been working on a couple of electrical issues, replacing port hole gaskets, replacing the V-berth cabin light, replacing the 12 Volt accessory outlet, modifying the trailer winch setup and installing a plastic battery box with cover. Farm and Fleet as well as West Marine love Mike.   We should have Wrinkles ready for the water tomorrow if we work hard at it tonight.

We'll post this weekend with pictures of the new V-berth setup and tell you a little more about our sailing fun.

Exhausted But Happy,

Mike and Brenda

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