Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wrinkles To-Do Projects

But first, are you ready for the "real" definition of baggywrinkle? A baggywrinkle is a scruffy-looking padding used on shrouds to prevent chafing.

Now here is the to-do list.

Since we brought our Com-Pac 23/3 home we have started some projects and have a to-do list that just keeps growing. Isn't that true of any new boat? We reported earlier that we were going to paint the hull blue and that project is underway but stalled due to the recent weather. Here is an overview of the other projects and their status.

This Suunto B-95 compass will keep us heading in the right direction
  • Electrical - we added a depth sensor, anchor light, replaced the steaming light, replaced the cabin light, put new wires in the mast. We still have to replace the bow and v-berth light. We purchased a used Suunto compass that needs to be installed and wired.
  • Cushions - We purchased material to recover the side berth cushions that we found on sale. This means taking the original cushion covers apart, making a pattern, and sewing it all back together. We would like to make a few end cushions and accent pillows to make it more comfortable and prettier.
  • V-berth - Although this bed is more comfortable than the 19 was, we would still like to add 1 1/2 inch memory foam and then sew custom-fit sheets from a set we already have.
  • Refinish all the exterior wood (later)
  • Foil the rudder (started)
  • Locker organizer for lines and anchor similar to the one Mike made for the 19 (later)
  • Replace both halyards - done
  • Refinish the tiller - done
  • Replace Velcro on jib and attachment straps on Bimini
New cushion material from JoAnn's Fabrics

Is this a long enough list? The idea was to buy a boat that was ready to sail. Well, it sails, and sails well, but there are always fun projects to pretty her up. Mike wouldn't be happy if he didn't have something to putz around on.

Mike is betting that he'll get everything on his list done before Brenda gets the cushions done.  What do you think?  Our bet, when building the house, was whether Mike would finish the house before Brenda finished painting the trim.  Let's just say there is still some trim that is in its natural state.

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