Thursday, August 30, 2012

Next time let's remember to...

Every time we sail it seems we come away with some new trick or lesson learned to add to our bag of tricks. Some things we learn by accident and some are well thought out. How jealous we are of those of you who have been sailing a long time. Oh the lessons you could teach us!

This year at the Carlyle Lake Rendezvous, Rich, our resident sailing expert, gave each of us a pocket-sized notebook made with waterproof paper. The idea was that we would use the notebook to jot down our to-do list while the ideas were still fresh in our minds. That turns out to be the easy part. After writing the ideas down, you have to remember to take the notebook off the boat. If you are good and remember that, then you need to remember to look at it before your next trip. And finally, if you have accomplished all of the above, you need to DO what was on the list!

Fortunately we remembered the first three we just need to find some time to accomplish what we had listed.


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