Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Daughter's Wedding

This last weekend we celebrated our beautiful daughter's wedding on the Majesty Star river boat in Stillwater, Minnesota. She married a young man that we really like and the wedding was a truly fun event. There was some light rain falling which required the service to be moved down from the top deck to the third deck, but the crew, family and friends made sure everything worked out.

The great food, cruise, music, drinks and fun guests made for a very memorable wedding. The Captain said he had been doing these wedding cruises for thirty years and this was one of the best he had seen. It was such a pleasure for Brenda and I to just sit back at times and marvel at our three wonderful kids and their friends having such a good time dancing and laughing together. Brenda even said, " You know, we've done a pretty good job, we have great kids."

I must say that I didn't expect to become as emotional as I did during parts of the wedding. I certainly love my daughter, Tina, but I felt that I was prepared for her to become a bride. She was radiant, beautiful and glowing as she danced the night away.

We want to thank all of our family and friends for helping us in so many ways to make this a spectacular wedding for Tina and Tony.

The happy couple were supposed to be flying down to the Gulf Coast today for their honeymoon at our condo. It looks like tropical storm Isaac may turn into a hurricane and make that impossible. Fortunately Tina is a lot like me and will roll with the punches and find another way to spend their time off.

We love you Tina and Tony. Congratulations and let's talk grand kids for Brenda!


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