Monday, August 6, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!

The last several days have been really busy for us. We have taken two sailing trips, finished several boat projects and spent time helping our daughter finalize her upcoming wedding plans. Sorry for the lack of posts, but we'll be catching the blog up over the next few days.

This sailing lifestyle can be consuming. We talk sailing, work on the boat, build things for the boat, plan sailing trips, pack and unpack...... It seems our life has become sailing - not necessarily a bad thing. Brenda commented a few days ago that she was living out of her sailing luggage rather than her dressers.

We will post about a long weekend on Lake Mendota where we rafted up for the local Aqua Palooza, sewing projects, new boarding ladder steps, foiling the rudder, and a long trip to a Com-Pac rendezvous at Carlyle Lake in Illinois.

Mike and B


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