Thursday, April 25, 2013

Late Start

This season Mother Nature is really cutting into our sailing season. Living in Wisconsin means wonderful weather during the summer and fall, but it also means you can have some nasty springs. This year spring has been cold, wet and windy. This weather has made it tough to even get Wrinkles out of her storage area next to the garage and get her ready to sail.

This past few days we have see some slightly better weather and Brenda has been cleaning the cabin prior to loading all our sailing gear aboard. Last fall we swore we would cull out a bunch of the excess when we reloaded in the spring. We'll see how we do at this over the next couple days.

Mike has been busy building a tongue extender to help in launch/retrieval at the ramps. This will be a really nice addition. He also is finally finishing the foil on the rudder with just a coat or two of paint left to go. A couple of new deck connectors for the two mast lights are also in process.

A few other projects in process or completed;

  • Shortened the Bimini frame 3 inches to achieve more boom clearance.
  • Sewed the Velcro pieces permanently to the Bimini window covers.
  • Put fasteners on the Bimini cover to replace the worn out zipper.
  • Mariner 8 HP outboard carburetor is soaking in carb cleaner prior to the annual rebuild.
  • Sewed up a cover for the CDI FF2 furler.
  • Brenda also made up a new tiller cover.
  • The new 110 headsail is in the house ready to be installed
You would think that would more than enough projects for this spring, but the to-do list is still pretty impressive.

We hope to put Wrinkles on Lake Mendota this Saturday. We'll see if Mother Nature agrees.

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